Harris County sues insulin manufacturers, alleging price-grouping scheme

The Cicala Law Firm has been chosen to serve as Special Counsel to Harris County, TX in a new matter filed 11/21/19 addressing the spiraling costs of insulin and other life-saving diabetic treatments. The case alleges that this price-fixing conspiracy among a handful of dominant market actors has rendered insulin the latest poster child for unlawful price gouging in the prescription drug market. Treatments that cost $20 decades ago are today sold for between $300-700 or more as a result of the alleged scheme- All to create profits for 3 Manufacturers (who control 99% of the insulin market) and 3 PBMs (who control 89% of the PBM market).

We are honored to do this good work in an effort to return ill-gotten gains to the Harris County Treasury.

Democracy is hard enough without fraud!

Please feel free to contact us for more information about this case of significant public importance.

Read the full article at the Houston Chronicle

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