Fee Arrangements

The Cicala Law Firm represents clients on hourly, contingent and alternative fee bases. Alternative fee arrangements are special confidential agreements between The Cicala Law Firm and a client that provide compensation to the firm on a structure other than contingency or hourly billing. Such structures can take the form of fixed fees, value or success-based fees or other alternatives tailored to the circumstances of the specific matter.

Special fee arrangements can be hybrids in which The Cicala Law Firm receives a percentage of its hourly rate, with the remainder contingent on the outcome of the matter. If there is an unfavorable result, no further fees are paid. If there is a positive outcome, the firm might receive a multiple of the fees it has at risk.

The Cicala Law Firm offers these fee alternatives so that clients have as many options available as possible when it comes to vindicating their rights or pursing important litigation. We would be pleased to discuss any of these scenarios with you, or to develop a customized plan for your needs.