Madison Smither

Madison Smither

Public Health Research Assistant

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Madison Smither is a fourth-year Jefferson Scholar at the University of Virginia. Double-majoring in Economics and Global Public Health, Madison has conducted research on antitrust economics in the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical drug pricing with Professor Ken Elzinga, serves as an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow in the UVA Economics Department, and works as a Research Assistant to Professor Charles Holt, with whom she will co-author a paper on private property rights. Madison has experience working in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, as well as experience working on pharmaceutical cases in an economic and litigation consulting capacity. Her concentration in health-related industries is grounded in four years of biomedical research at the Tulane Cancer Center, where she worked as a student researcher studying the carcinogenic effects of light exposure at night, and through which she has been listed as a contributing author on several publications. Madison brings science opportunities to young students through her organization From Student to Scientist and the connected fellowship program, the Emmy Noether Award, and she retains strong ties to her New Orleans community through conducting policy analysis for the City of New Orleans, especially concerning health-related issues. Madison will complete her four years at UVa as a member of the Distinguished Majors Program this upcoming year.