″A few years ago Sullivan county, and a number of other Counties in New York State, learned there were overcharges by pharmaceutical companies with respect to drugs used in our Medicaid program, and elsewhere, by the Counties. After investigation a number of Counties agreed to employ a single outside firm to handle those cases. Joanne Cicala was a principal attorney of that firm. The litigation, in Federal Court, was extremely complex and quite lengthy. I am pleased to advise you that Ms. Cicala did a superb job and obtained results which, quite frankly, were not even contemplated at the outset. There were scores of defendants and, as you might imagine, they were represented by some of the nation's largest and most well regarded law firms.

Throughout, Ms. Cicala was a zealous yet practical advocate. The fact that she achieved outstanding results without burdening me or my office was beyond my expectation. She with us throughout the litigation and kept us informed in clear, concise reports that outlined options and risks. Her knowledge of the relevant substantive and procedural law and her expertise in prosecuting large complicated matters were evident throughout. I do not often write letters of recommendation but do so here without qualm." — Samuel S. Yasgur, Sullivan County Attorney

″I as the Rensselaer County Attorney, and our County had the privilege of working with Joanne in an extraordinarily large and complex lawsuit involving claims by scores of counties against a multitude of multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Joanne's well-honed legal skill and sterling helmsmanship assisted all county attorneys to comprehend overall strategy and goals, and to obtain the necessary authorization and approval of our respective elected county officials, to consummate each successful resolution of these claims.  As questions arose during the course of the litigation, she made her staff and herself available to thoroughly address questions and offer assistance, even on short notice, while always keeping the best interests of her clients in the forefront of each and every battle.

Joanne Cicala served our counties well, and hereby receives my most sincere endorsement and recommendation to all who seek to retain her law firm.” — Stephen A. Pechenik, Rensselaer County Attorney

“Joanne’s representation was tenacious and effective, delivering much-needed funds back to our County and the State of New York.  Joanne demonstrated a true mastery of the law involved and worked beautifully with our public employees to minimize the burdens typically associated with litigation.” – Carol Stevens, Greene County Attorney

“Joanne successfully represented over 40 New York County governments in multiple complex litigation cases against the nation’s largest prescription drug companies.  While prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes, I can highly recommend Joanne.  Her work ethic, research and diligence is evident in her advocacy.”  – Stephen J. Acquario, Executive Director, New York State Association of Counties