Health Care Litigation and The CLF Transparency Tool

Health Care Litigation

Misconduct comes in many shapes and sizes in the health care arena. Unlike other functioning markets, the lack of transparency in health care can provide cover for a wide variety of bad actors be they drug manufacturers, makers of medical devices, wholesalers, pricing publishers, pharmacy benefit managers or retail pharmacies.   Our team at The Cicala Law Firm has years of experience prosecuting large health care fraud cases from the ground up.   We are experienced in Medicaid fraud claims, whistleblower suits, patent infringement/fraud cases and negotiating /evaluating/filing claims related to pharmacy benefit contracts. If you believe you have been the victim of wrongdoing in the health care arena, or have concerns regarding your existing contracts, products or prices, consider a no-cost consultation with The Cicala Law Firm.

The CLF Transparency Tool

Information is power, and the U.S. health care market is one of the least transparent when it comes to costs, prices, incentives, and control. The Cicala Law Firm’s Transparency Tool provides clients valuable insight into cost drivers, potential improprieties or frauds, and possible contractual or fiduciary failings.

At no cost to its clients, The Cicala Law Firm is able to utilize in-house expertise and data mining capacities to monitor health expenses, including pharmacy claims, Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) performance, and other health service provider activity. In addition, The Cicala Law Firm investigates potential claims and monitors pending litigation impacting health care costs, providing timely reports in accordance with client preferences.

After full consultation with the client, The Cicala Law Firm will, on a fully-contingent basis, pursue appropriate legal or other responsive action for its clients on meritorious claims. Responsive action could include:

  • Litigation or negotiation to recover excessive charges due to misconduct by insurers, PBMs, providers, drug manufacturers, hospitals, or other actors in the health care market. Excessive charges may result from unfair and deceptive practices, anticompetitive conduct, breach of contract, price fixing, conflicts of interest, illegal patents, fiduciary breaches or nondisclosures, and other misconduct; and
  • Cost-recovery claims where clients have paid for health care treatment resulting from defective or dangerous drugs or medical devices.